As non invasive procedures like botulism toxin and filler injections have been increasing in popularity, so too have the concerns around botulism and dermal filler treatment being given by un-qualified and poorly trained staff, use of cheap unlicensed products, and non sterile treatment rooms which has raised serious concerns about the safety of medical aesthetic industry in general. As a consequence you should ensure the brand of botulinum toxin and dermal filler used by your practitioner has been tested and approved for aesthetic use. You should also ensure your practitioner if qualified and suitably trained to perform these procedure.

We only use products which both have not only been granted the CE mark and approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – the UK authority for licensing of prescription medicines) but also had full FDA approval. This means we can pass on reassurance that these products are safe and effective and have been stringintly tested before being released onto the market.

At Harris Medical only a medically trained doctor with specialist training in aesthetics will complete a full assesment before prescribing your treatment. If appropriate, and you wish to proceed it will then be administered at a later date allowing a cooling off period. Remember sometimes these minimally invasive treatments are not always the best procedure and we believe it is important that any practitioner is honest and open with you about expectations and what can be achieved, as well as discussing the small chance of complications and risks.

The doctors are all registered with GMC and have full indemnity. The GMC which regulates doctors ensures they maintain high standards of care and protects patients’ They have recently issued new guidance regarding prescription and administration of aesthetic products which should only be issued after a fully face to face assessment by the prescribing doctor.

You need to be sure the products being used on you has been prescribed by a qualified doctor and are from a reputable Pharmaceutical company. Belotero and Bocouture are manufactured by Merz, and Botox and Juvederm are manufactured by Allergan.

A doctor, dentist or nurse trained in aesthetics can administer botox and fillers. We advise you always ensure you see the unopened syringe or vial – Don’t get a needle in your face that has been “drawn up before you came”

Doctors, Dentists and Nurses are generally well trained & Dr Darran Harris has had over 17 years post graduation training across several speciality fields and is currently a practicing NHS General Practitioner. He has been trained in aesthetic medicine and been performing these treatments for the last 6 years.


GMC guidance “…Health Professionals are to be banned from prescribing Botox by phone, email, video-link or fax under new guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC), it was announced today (12th July 2012)…It introduces a complete prohibition on prescribing cosmetic injectables, such as Botox, without a physical examination of the patient. Practitioners who continue to prescribe Botox or similar products remotely will be putting their registration at risk.”